Christmas with you

Christmas with you (22/12/2021)

On December 22, 2021, a group of seven students from the Erasmus+ project rEtribUte participated in the activity organized by the Department of Equality and Social Services of Petrer as part of the «Petrer with its elders 2021» program, with the aim of giving visibility to these individuals and brightening up their Christmas.

The initiative took place at the Juan Milla social center throughout the morning and was carried out in collaboration with organizations such as the Red Cross and Sense Barreres.

From IES Azorín, and specifically from those of us who are directly involved in the rEtribUte project, we consider it to have been an emotional and profoundly educational experience that paves the way for future collaborations.

Our students carried out a task that filled us with pride. They wholeheartedly and affectionately engaged in every task assigned to them.

During the morning, they had the opportunity to interview the elderly about their interests as a way to break the ice during a small outdoor hot chocolate gathering. They then livened up the event by singing carols with our grandparents. They also explained the details of our project and its relevance to this event, enjoyed a performance by the theater group from the CEAM of Petrer, and once again enlivened a final gathering with songs

As a culmination, several of our students were interviewed by Radio Petrer, which covered this event.

Considering the limitations still imposed by COVID-19, this activity provided an opportunity to look hopefully at a project that has brought us closer to the elderly beyond the scope of our research work and has allowed us to give back, at least to a small extent, their effort, sacrifice, and experience, which have contributed to making the world we enjoy today a better place


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