Hello everyone, in this video, we will explain one of the activities carried out in the Erasmus+ project at IES Azorín (Petrer) during the period 2020-2023.

The Erasmus+ KA229 project call «Sharing experiences among generations (rEtribUte)» is related to the transmission of experiences and knowledge between generations. It is based on the potential of schools to educate students in social engagement and encourage their participation in improving the living conditions of the older population.

The Erasmus+ project revolves around various themes such as words, places, life experiences, and songs shared between generations. Our partners are from two other countries: Thomas-Mann Gymnasium in Berlin and Egri Pásztorvölgyi Altalános Iskola és Gimnázium in Eger (Hungary).

This project is an initiative that, through service-learning methodology and collaboration between different generations, addresses the possibilities of schools to educate students in social commitment and their involvement in improving the living conditions of our elders.

During the mobility in Petrer in April 2022, we will resume our previous research, which we already shared through video conference presentations on musical traditions (the sounds of our life). Additionally, we will delve into the experiences of the older population, their needs, and how youth can address them by reflecting on the design of an assistance application.

Within the design thinking methodology, work will be carried out aimed at reflecting on experiences. This will involve analyzing the changes that have occurred regarding the distribution of time and activities, past and present limitations due to various reasons such as gender and critical situations. Students will produce audio-visual testimonies, timelines, infographics, and develop an app that will make the lives of the elderly easier in a specific area of their lives.

As a product to give back to the elderly people who have helped us in the project with their testimonies, we have thought of creating an app. We have designed a simple app as an example, programmed using App Inventor (, which is shown below.

As you can see, it has a user interface where you can tap and speak to the application. If the application detects certain expressions or keywords, it responds according to its programmed responses. For example, it greets you, asks how you are, you can ask for the

date and time, it tells you the vowels, it tells you the time, the medication you have to take, as you can see.

This application is open to improvements and customization for each individual. For example, you can add images of loved ones, personalize the questions or conversation, and have it remind you of basic things like the names of your children, medication, the date, and time, and so on. Nowadays, the application is easily upgradable with new emerging technologies such as natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

We hope that the idea of this product has been useful and can be a source of inspiration for the students in creating new utilities that can be used by the elderly. Thank you for your attention, and see you soon. Best regards.

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