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Teacher mobility. Project #ErasmusPlus #rEtribUte


IES Azorín hosts the last mobility of the Erasmus+ project rEtribUte2020

IES Azorín travels to Hungary in the third mobility of rEtribUte Erasmus+ project

Communication of the Petrer Photographic Group about our collaboration in the project A walk that unites us within the mobility to Eger (Hungary).


IES Azorín Podcast Station. Interview with the European project coordinator


Eger TV Spanish and German exchange students arrive in Eger

Spanish and German high school students get to know Eger


German and Spanish secondary school students visit Eger

High school students visit Eger in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme

Official Site of the City of Eger. Erasmus+ mobility in Eger


Dissemination of the project to visiting professors from Sweden Kastellskolan Härnösand

Sharing activity in IES Azorín about the mobility carried out in Berlin

ErasmusPlus Welcome Dinner on 17.10.2022


Reference to the institutional visit to the Reinickendorf district of Berlin during the rEtribUte mobility in Berlin

Communication to first year ESO students about what a mobility in an Erasmus+ project entails. IES Azorín

Design Thinking exhibition as part of the Erasmus Days activities. IES Azorín

IES Azorín. Erasmus Days 2022


Information on the rEtribUte project in the IES Azorín Yearbook


Course around our KA1 project in which we present some rEtribUte activities. IES Azorín

Participation in the SEPIE Initiative #MomentosErasmus on Twitter

Mobility in Petrer. Dissemination in edu.gva page (educational authority of the Valencian Community)


Brilliant closing of the international Erasmus+ meeting of IES Azorín Valle de Elda

Education blog of the digital newspaper Valle de Elda about the mobility project in Petrer


Closing of the Erasmus+ international meeting. IES Azorín

Coeduelda coeducational blog entry about one of the visits carried out during the mobility in Petrer.


Half a hundred German and Hungarian students visit Petrer

Half a hundred German and Hungarian students visit Petrer

Interview with the mayoress and the councillor for education of Petrer to prepare for mobility

Nadal amb tu/ Christmas with you in Petrer


Drawing of Erasmus+ promotional materials as part of the Erasmus Days activities. During the summer we participated in a Twitter activity promoted by SEPIE in which we won a pack of Erasmus+ promotional products.

IES Azorín. Erasmus Days 2021

Closing of the course ceremony 2021

Documentation visit Colla el Terrós

Project promotion in Berlin


Logo contest. Erasmus+ rEtribUte


A new European project of IES Azorín has been selected together with schools in Italy, Germany and Hungary

Cadena SER radio. A project of the IES Azorín de Petrer selected together with schools from Italy, Germany and Hungary


Some of the interviews conducted through local radio stations have not been recorded in the list above.

In addition to the above references, an informative task has been carried out in the meetings of all the teachers of the schools about the evolution of the project and its main activities.

Linguelda blog has reported on the various videoconferences carried out by students and teachers from the schools.

We have taken advantage of the presence of teachers participating in training sessions on European projects to make comments on rEtribUte.

The Erasmus+ rEtribUte project has been explained to the teachers who have developed their internship phase at IES Azorín and they have even been invited to one of the meetings of the Erasmus+ team as a way of introducing new teachers to this type of activities.

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